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   M&M Computers has a well-know history with software development. Our skilled and experienced developers have built applications with various purposes, including ERP for enterprises' finances management, DMSes and call centers.

Enterprise Application

   The ERP-type Enterprise application, developed by M&M Computers, appeared from the desire to offer a complex and efficient tool for all departments within domestic companies, in compliance with Romanian legislation. The application is primarily addressed to commercial companies with complex financial and accounting records and with a large volume of data, which is supported by the Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft NET platform.

Enterprise Modules:


    A DMS (Document Management System) is designed to share documents, control workflow and access permissions of organization's resources. It allows users to access documents, just like a file manager.

Call centers

         Our call center software is a system based on Voice over IP technology, fully customizable through the self-service administration portal, where you can set queues, upload IVR messages or monitor agents' performance in real time.
         It is an intelligent platform, interconnected with telecomunications providers in Romania, with its own numbering range and built-in billing system that can also be used for SMS traffic scaling to tens of simultaneous calls and hundreds of thousands of SMS.  

          We  are able to quickly set up the application for your call center team, which will allow you to easily manage the staff and to organize the work flows in order to keep your customers happy.

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