Integration & Automation

What is building automation?

         Building Management System (BMS), also called Building Automation System (BAS) is a system that monitors and controls building's electrical and mechanical equipment. Such systems can prove useful not only for individuals who seek to simplify their lives, but also for comercial entities which are looking for productivity and energy saving.

         A few applications of BMS:

Benefits of BMS

Easier management

Energy consumption reduction

Remote control

      Using the technology developed by Crestron and other vendors, we are working on device integration so you can manage and remotely control the equipment you wish to use, while focusing on energy saving

Who is Crestron?

      Crestron is the global leader in device integration and home automation. Offering the broadest range of hardware and software, it is the definitive solution for centrally controlling, managing and monitoring buildings' capabilities on a single, integrated network. Crestron   delivers the power and simplicity of custom integrated solutions, and the fastest, most reliable, flexible and infinitely expandable systems available.  Providing customized solutions for every client, it has evolved well beyond the touch screen and control system, connecting hotels worldwide.