The most important resource of the company is professionalism , M&M COMPUTERS having jurisdiction in the following areas:
  •   Installation of copper cables and optical fiber air and ground networks for industrial sites, businesses, hospitals, banks, etc..
  •   Networks voice and data structured cabling. final measurement parameters for fault detection and network structured cabling and fiber optic multimode, single mode voice and data communications (network structured cabling)
  •   Installation and service for all types of telephone switchboards, telephones, fax networks structured cabling category 5, 5E, 6 and 7
  •   Perimeter detection systems
  •   Access Control Systems
  •   Video surveillance systems, intercoms and video interphone
  •   Full-time attendance systems with magnetic card or fingerprint
  •   Intrusion-detection systems warning
  •   CATV and Satellite
  •   Detection systems and fire alarm
  •   Works and installation of power supply batteries, generators, UPS etc..
  •   Development software aplications
  •   Systems Integration
  •   Residential and industrial automation
  •   Building Management Systems (BMS)
  •   Design and Analysis Data Center
  Delivery (ISPs) and Internet access services (IPA)
  •   Integration Network (LAN, VPN and internet).
  •   Installation, configuration and server management hardware and software based on Linux and Windows operating systems with mail services, web, ftp, antivirus, antispam, dns, etc..
  •   Installation, configuration and management of voice servers (PBX) based on Linux.
  •   Installation, configuration and administration of routers and servers (static routing, dynamic firewall, bandwidth limitations, etc.)
  •   Making connections of various types of xDSL, fiber optics, wireless, Vodafone, RCS-RDS, Globtel.
  •   Making different types of VPN (over connections above) for connecting various business locations or outlets.
  •   VoIP
  •   IPTV
  VoIP Telephony
  •   Stable and reliable VoIP solutions based on software platforms to develop a full range of applications, both in terms of the voice, and integration with existing flow of communication (email, fax, IM, CRM).

  VoIP functions of plant
  •   Recording conversations with the possibility of searching through web interface
  •   Voicemail and Voicemail-to-Email
  •   IVR flexible, configurable Web interface
  •   Integrated Echo Canceller for a higher quality of reception
  •   Phone provisioner, configurable through web interface. Configuration allows a large number of IP phones in record time, supported models
  •   Support for video phones
  •   Option CDR (Call Detail Report) call allows search by criteria such as date, extension number, etc.
  •   Billing Report (Cost Report) allows filtering by destination or source
  •   Support call queues, including static and dynamic agents
  •   Conference center. Allows setting of spontaneous or creating a teleconference, conference rooms static web interface.
  •   Caller ID
  •   Support for multiple trunks
  •   Follow-me feature. Allow easy redirection of calls to another extension.
  •   Support ring groups. Allows use of a single central more separate companies with independent telephone service
  •   Support for routing calls on hourly levels
  •   Web security with PIN
  •   Direct Inward System Access (DISA). Programming allows for direct access by pressing certain keys on the phone .
Building Management
System (BMS)
M&M Computers Romania provides building for automation solutions based on Crestron technology.

  •   Automatic Switch on the lights in the hallways of this
  •   Starting automatic garden irrigation at night and prevent starting while people are in the garden
  •   Setting the temperature is in degrees Celsius in each room and heaters on the temperature control system to keep it real value ordered
  •   Thermal management functions present periods / absence areas
  Thermal and electrical energy savings
  •   Individual programmable timing scheme 3 temperature preset values that can automatically control at 3 different times
  •   Maximum expandability. Virtually unlimited number of optional functions is using as the standard system
  •   Intercom at both gates to allow viewing and conversation both downstairs and upstairs viewing and hearing on television.
  •   Silent automatic or manual function
  •   Standard functions of motion detection alarm and open door, smoke and gas, indoor and outdoor sirens
  •   Panic switch on each floor (turn on all lights)
  •   View on both floors of surveilence cameras and on TV
  •   View the presence plan in the home based on PIR Sensors
  ERP – Enterprise
  •   We created the Enterprise ERP application, from the desire to offer on the Romanian market a comprehensive and effective tool for all national companies sectors in terms of compliance with Romanian legislation.
  •   The application is addressed mainly to companies with complex financial accounting with a large volume of data and is supported by a server using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft. Net technologies.
  Enterprise ERP application is characterized by these attributes:
  •   Flexibility
  •   Modularity - you can easily add or remove desired modules
  •   Portability - using technology "Terminal Services", Enterprise application can run under any operating system
  •   Security - using Microsoft platforms (Windows 2003 Server and SQL Server) that ensure a high level of security plus the level of security offered by Enterprise authentication system based on username and password.
  •   Fully integrated workflow management that allows routing tasks and associated documents to support their daily activities.
  •   Customer satisfaction in terms of: procuring and configuring hardware, complete technical documentation and consulting services related to analysis, adaptation and implementation of ERP applications, business management applications on the various existing departments within companies.
  •   ERP Enterprise satisfy firms in Romania regarding the needs of management and technical processes and economic efficiency for at least 10 years.
  Installation, configuration and administration of operating systems
  •   Windows NT si Windows Server 2000/2003/2008;
  •   Linux
  Development, installation, configuration and management system database management
  •   hierarchical model, object-oriented XML.
  •   MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access
  Analysis and Design
  •   Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  •   UML, Rational Rose
  •   N-tier application architecture
  Software development in programming languages:
  •   Visual Basic;
  •   Visual C#
  •   Crystal Reports
  •   Visual C++
  •   MTS, COM/DCOM;
  •   VC, C++ for DOS and Windows;
  •   Borland C++ Builder;
  •   Borland Pascal for DOS/DPMI;
  •   Web Application Development
  •   HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, PERL
  •   Internet Information Server, Active Server Pages, ActiveX, Dynamic HTML
  •   FrontPage, Microsoft Visual InterDev