M&M COMPUTERS is a company specialized in consultancy, development and integration of IT solutions.

  Other activities of the Company is to achieve VDI structured cabling equipment (voice, data, image), assembly and maintenance of IT equipment and accessories, design and marketing of basic and application software, installation of radio and telecommunications, insurance Internet service provider (ISP) and installing burglar and fire alarm systems.

  Based on gained experience and the strong partnerships,we offer advice and solutions for technology issues, both hardware and software, from simple system configuration, hardware infrastructure (networks, servers) to the implementation of business solutions.

  Specializes in IT consulting , our team offers the necessary support to expand or optimize existing IT system within your company.

  Developing products and services according to the international standards ISO 9001: 2000, led to increased customer numbers and complexity of works required by them, on the basis of firm contracts with a long development period.

  Considering dynamism of the IT industry and the facilities it offers, firms are forced to be align at the latest requirements in this domain. Using the latest technologies in the area, M&M COMPUTERS offers clients the following services: custom software development, IT auditing and consulting, design, development and maintenance of websites, project management consulting.

  Professionalism and exeperience acquired in 20 years of working , for a wide range of clients, are strengths of our projection team in resolving of any telecommunications project.

  Tasks of design team, besides the actual design work, consist of support for bidding , consultancy services and technical assistance to clients formations for execution of works.

  M&M COMPUTERS offers excellent solutions in telecommunications, currently covering almost any need for specific markets. In this way, M&M COMPUTERS customers are not forced to resort to subcontracting firms for major projects

  Qualified staff provide support for other points of interest, such as your company security policy and data communications, network architecture design and configuration of hardware or software.